It's 5 a.m., too early in the morning to think about revelry, and yet here are dozens of people gathering at a ranch just outside of Elton, Louisiana. There's a flotilla of pickup trucks, SUVs, horse trailers, flatbed trailers, and other support vehicles (including a "chuck wagon" and a pickup with a portable sound system), plus at least several dozen horses.

In January 2001 photographer Phil Metzidakis and I traveled to Santiago de Cuba in eastern Cuba, in the company of a group of artists, students, and performers. It was part of an exchange program that allows Americans to learn some of the dynamics and intricacies of Cuban music and dance. Some of our richest experiences […]

The political climate of Nepal has changed dramatically since the days of my trek in the 80’s and when this feature appeared in 2000.  Nepal remains one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It would be best to do some checking with the proper authorities to determine whether conditions are safe for trekking.  […]