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April 2015

Announcing Sacred Mounds, a novel of Magical Realism and Historical Fantasy from Jim Metzner, with a foreword by Hutke Fields, principal chief of the Natchez Nation.
Cyclonic hordes of insects, a telepathic despot, body-swapping sex - just a few of the surprises Salvador Samuels encounters when he is swept back to pre-colonial times, walking in the moccasins of a blind Indian - who, in turn, has been transported into Salvador's body in present-day America. Sacred Mounds Book Cover Four hundred years apart, they are bound by a mission to rescue our world, aided by the mysterious presence of the mounds. Thousands of these ancient earthworks once dotted the landscape of North America. We still don't know why they were created. Sacred Mounds suggests they are as important today as when they were made over a thousand years ago. Sacred Mounds weaves the stories of two men, each a stranger in a strange land. With the help of two remarkable women, they must find a way to save our planet and return home.
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September 2009

As Seen on TV!

This month, the Today show featured our Kids’ Science Challenge competition and highlighted the accomplishments of one of our winners, Lindsay Carnes. She came up with a novel skateboard design using the ball of a Dyson vacuum in lieu of traditional wheels.
Kids' Science Challenge winner Lindsay Carnes and skateboard developer Paul Schmitt on the Today show.
James Dyson, himself, commenting on Lindsay's idea to use a "Dyson Ball" on a skateboard.
You've heard Jim Metzner on Pulse of the Planet; now you can see him (albeit briefly) on Today!

Well, that caught panerai replica the attention of Today show producers, and reporter Jenna Wolfe flew to the workshop of skateboard maven Paul Schmitt to spend some time with Lindsay and the design team that helped construct a prototype. They were joined by some skateboard greats, like X-GAMES champion Bucky Lasek, who jumped on Lindsay’s new board to give it a spin.

Turns out, the ball they used is indeed designed for a vacuum, and couldn’t support the weight of a pro-skater. But the idea sparked the imagination of some of the skateboarding world’s top engineers, and with some refinements, Lindsay’s inspiration could very well lead to a brand new type of board. Our Kids’ Science Challenge starts replica horloges rolex anew this October, and we can’t wait to dig in to a whole new batch of entries!

Watch the Today show segment here!

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