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Airdate: Dec 03, 2019
Scientist: Pauline Frommer


OK, who put that bus on top of the library building?

Cambridge, Massachusetts is a great city to visit, especially if you're looking for a science oriented destination. I'm Jim Metzner and this is the Pulse of the Planet. Frommer: The MIT Museum. No surprise that MIT is going to be a center for science, but they do a darn good job in their museum, which not much not enough people visit. Pauline Frommer is Editorial Director for the Frommer guidebooks and Frommer: They're considered to have the best collection of holograms - of holography, in the world. And they also having incredible exhibits on robotics. [00:01:38.00] These are exhibits that are constantly changing.. because MIT is at the forefront of working in robotics and creating new ways to use robotics. The MIT museum also displays some of the work of photographer Harold Edgerton -- Frommer: -- who did photos using a high-speed camera and a stroboscope, so strobe lighting - which allowed him to take photos of things people are never seen before, like a hummingbird in flight. You can see each flap of the hummingbird's wings. Or a drop of milk splashing. And these photographs were so important for us to learn how things actually worked.. And, if you happen to be at MIT at the right time Frommer: You have to remember you're in a place with a lot of young rambunctious engineers And so once a year they do a prank where they put something crazy on top of the buildings in the middle of the night. And everybody wakes up and thinks how the heck did did a public bus get on top of this, you know, building of classrooms. It's a common thing; every year there's some major prank that only engineers could do. We'll hear more about science destinations in future programs. I'm Jim Metzner and this is the Pulse of the Planet.