November 30, 2000

Camera in a Pill

A new medical device sounds straight out of the movie “Fantastic Voyage,” in which a team of scientists is shrunk and sent on a mission inside the human body.

November 29, 2000

Black Rhinoceros: Monitoring

Scientists trying to track an animal in the wild often use a collar with a small radio transmitter attached. But just try putting a collar on a rhinoceros!

November 28, 2000

Black Rhinoceros: Poaching

The rhinoceros, an ancient creature, is facing extinction in our lifetime. And it’s people who are their greatest enemies.

November 27, 2000

Black Rhinoceros: Intro

The rainy season is starting this month in southern Africa, and for the black rhinoceros, that means life is about to get a lot easier.

November 24, 2000

Listener Initiative

Pulse of the Planet is asking listeners to call in and tell us about their own seasonal traditions and rituals. Call 1-877-PULSE99, and your story may be featured on Pulse.

November 23, 2000

Shape-note Singing: Meaning

People in southeastern Georgia are trying to preserve a tradition of hymn-singing called Shape-note or Sacred Harp. They say it’s a way of singing their love.

November 22, 2000

Shape-note Singing: Hoboken

Across the southeastern United States, there’s a tradition of hymn-singing called Shape-note or Sacred Harp. In Hoboken, Georgia, the singers have a style all their own.

November 21, 2000

Shape Note Singing: David Lee

David Lee is a fifth-generation singer of Shape-note, a method of singing hymns in which the different notes are represented by shapes.

November 20, 2000

Shape-note Singing: Intro

Shape-note, a form of a cappella hymn-singing that began in colonial New England, is still a way of life in some parts of the Southeast.

November 17, 2000

Falconry: Hunt

When certain hunters give a whistle, they’re not calling their dog, they’re summoning a trained falcon.

November 16, 2000


A handful of hunters still practice the ancient sport of kings and they’re meeting this week in Amarillo, Texas.

November 15, 2000

Timeless Timber: Unique

Divers are retrieving logs that sank to the bottom of Lake Superior in the 19th century. The “Timeless Timber” that’s cut from these logs is unlike any lumber from modern trees.

November 14, 2000

Timeless Timber: Resonance

If you want to make a fine violin, just do as Antonio Stradivarius did: use wood that’s been under water for decades.

November 13, 2000

Timeless Timber: History

In the mid-1800’s, lumberjacks would routinely float logs through the water to the sawmill. Some of the logs that went astray and sank are now very valuable.

November 10, 2000

Synesthesia: Society

Drummer Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead says that when he hears music, he also sees colors. He apparently has synesthesia, a rare condition that seems to be hereditary.

November 9, 2000

Synesthesia: Feeling the Music

“Feeling the music” usually refers to an emotional response to the sound. But for one woman with a rare condition called synesthesia, music really causes physical sensations.

November 8, 2000

Synesthesia: Society

Scientists are using brain-imaging techniques to study people with a curious intermingling of the senses called synesthesia.

November 7, 2000

Synesthesia: Intro

For some people, it’s perfectly normal to see a sound or hear a color. They have a rare condition in which the senses are interlinked.

November 6, 2000

Giant Squid: Speculation

It grows up to seventy feet long and has eyes as big as hub caps. But so far, no human being has ever seen one alive.

November 3, 2000

Giant Squid – Sci Fi

The Creature of the Black Lagoon and the Loch Ness Monster have nothing on the giant squid. This mysterious underwater giant actually exists.

November 2, 2000

Listener Initiative

Do you have your own traditions to celebrate special days or mark the passing of seasons? Let us know by calling 1-877-PULSE99. We may feature your story on Pulse.

November 1, 2000

All Saint’s Day: Rosary Walk

Today is All Saint’s Day, when priests in New Orleans walk through cemeteries and bless the tombs. With a priest named Father Tony, the walk is quite an experience.