October 30, 1998


On Halloween eve: a look at the elusive mandrake plant, a crucial part of any witch’s sorcery kit.

October 29, 1998

VODUN – Misconceptions

Some of the misconceptions about Vodun– or Voodoo–include the evil eye and other acts of black magic.

October 28, 1998

VODUN – Setting Up the Shrine

For adherents of Vodun, the act of setting up a shrine is as spiritually significant as the rituals which take place around it.

October 27, 1998

VODUN – Daily Ritual

Vodun is both a religion and a philosophy about life.

October 26, 1998


Our listeners are invited to contribute their own seasonal events to Pulse of the Planet.

October 23, 1998

CARIBOU – Hunting

In Alaska, maintaining wild caribou populations means placing restrictions on one of the state’s most traditional sports.

October 22, 1998

S.H.E.B.A. – Ice Surprise

Some of the first evidence of global warming may be found in the composition of Arctic ice.

October 21, 1998

S.H.E.B.A. – Measuring Ice

The ridges and abysses formed by moving plates of Arctic ice hold a wealth of information about the way our planet absorbs heat.

October 20, 1998

S.H.E.B.A. – Global Warming

The Earth’s polar regions are particularly susceptible to global warming.

October 19, 1998

Ice Station S.H.E.B.A.

A team of scientists will spend one year drifting in the Arctic ice as part of an effort by NASA and other agencies to monitor the Earth’s “vital signs.”

October 16, 1998

NEMATODES – Human Like

Though they may not look like close relatives, nematodes share many of our human biological functions

October 15, 1998

NEMATODES – Soil Makers

Nematodes are the hard working worms near the base of our planet’s food chain.

October 14, 1998


There are more nematodes than almost any other living creature on Earth, yet most of us have never heard of them.

October 13, 1998


Rainy season in this part of Kenya marks the start of a period of hard work for an important insect scavenger.

October 12, 1998


This beetle specializes in decomposing that most ubiquitous of waste products– dung.

October 9, 1998


An apprentice miller takes us on a tour of an eighteenth century grain mill.

October 8, 1998

Top-Spinning Season

In Malaysia, this is the season for top spinning– but these bowling ball sized tops aren’t for kids.

October 7, 1998

LEMURS – Springtime

October is springtime in Madagascar, the time of year when young lemurs begin to start out on their own.

October 6, 1998


The building of the sukka reminds Jews of their ancestors’ desert exile.

October 5, 1998


Sukkoth is the Jewish holiday of thanksgiving and remembrance.

October 2, 1998

Dynamic Earth- Middle Aged

In terms of its lifespan, how old is the earth?

October 1, 1998

Dynamic Earth- Salty Oceans, But Not Too Salty

The natural system which regulates salinity in our oceans is found deep on the ocean floor.