November 28, 1997

CARIBOU: Lichens

In the winter, caribou paw the ground to get at their favorite dish, lichens.

November 27, 1997

TIBET: Management

Scientists are working to manage the animal populations of Northern Tibet, trying to maintain one of the world’s relatively undisturbed ecosystems.

November 26, 1997

TIBET: Antelope/Wool

The Tibetan Antelope has one unfortunate characteristic — it produces the best wool in the world. Illegal poaching of the animals has left their population dangerously low.

November 25, 1997

TIBET: November

Winter in Northern Tibet means harsh conditions, particularly for the scientists studying the rare wildlife there.

November 24, 1997


In Japan, merchants pray for a successful year with a symbolic money-rake, during Tori-No-Ichi.

November 21, 1997

CONKERS: Professional Sport

Older Britons have adopted conkers, a children’s game, and turned it into a competitive spectator sport.

November 20, 1997

CONKERS: Rules and Technique

Winter in Britain means it’s time to find the perfect chestnut for a game of conkers.

November 19, 1997

GIANT SQUID: Sperm Whales

Scientists have enlisted the help of sperm whales in their hunt for the giant squid.

November 18, 1997

GIANT SQUID: Elusive Animals

Our efforts to find giant squid may be the very thing that keeps us from it.

November 17, 1997


The giant squid – a creature never seen alive, in its natural habitat – may hold some important clues to life in the deep ocean.

November 14, 1997

LOI KRATHONG: History and Meaning

A prayer for a year of good fortune is just a piece of the meaning of Thailand’s Loi Krathong festival.

November 13, 1997

LOI KRATHONG: Celebration

“Loi Krathong” means “floating leaf cup.” November’s full moon heralds this festival, where candlelit floats sail along Thailand’s waterways.

November 12, 1997

CROWS: Nesting

A Cornell scientist climbs trees to get at his favorite subject — the crow.

November 11, 1997

CROWS: Roosting

Protection from predators and communication are a couple of reasons why crows are roosting en masse this month.

November 10, 1997

CROWS: Alone/Together

The social habits of crows resemble those of a more familiar animal…

November 7, 1997


The sight and sound of crows is becoming as common in town as in the country.

November 6, 1997


Mexico’s Day of the Dead has some special culinary delights.

November 5, 1997

DAY OF THE DEAD: Preparations

How do you prepare for a feast with the Dead? We look to Mexico’s Day of the Dead for a solution.

November 4, 1997

DAY OF THE DEAD: Symbolism

Mexico’s Day of the Dead features a variety of morbid symbolism.

November 3, 1997


In early November, many Mexicans visit their departed loved ones, and celebrate the Day of the Dead.