August 31, 1995

REDESIGNING MONEY – The Need for Change

Computer printers and copy machines are the high-tech counterfeiter’s tools of the trade.

August 30, 1995

ROBOTS – To the Moon?

Robots have been used to investigate almost every kind of hazardous condition on earth. Is it time for a little R&R – on the lunar surface?

August 29, 1995

ROBOTS – Exploring Volcanoes

Meet Dante the Robot. He’s been to hell and back.

August 28, 1995


Coming soon to a pantry near you – a whole array of dairy products and other goods.

August 25, 1995


It is now possible for packaged milk to stay fresh for up to six months without refrigeration.

August 18, 1995

COCKROACH CONTROL – Building a Better Cockroach Trap

Initial tests show that new cockroach bait may be ten times as effective as today’s chemicals.

August 17, 1995

COCKROACH CONTROL – The Role of Pheromones

Scientists are using sex as a weapon in the fight against cockroach infestation.

August 16, 1995

ROBOTS – The Bomb Squad

Inspecting and dismantling bombs is all in a days work for this robot.

August 15, 1995

ROBOTS – Dangerous Assignment

Robots are being designed to venture inside the belly of a nuclear reactor.

August 14, 1995


Food waste and other organic chemicals can now be converted into a useable fuel.

August 11, 1995


Scientists have discovered a new use for leftover potato peels, apple cores and brewery waste.

August 10, 1995

ROLLER COASTERS – Portrait of a Designer

What kind of guy spends his life designing roller coasters?

August 9, 1995

ROLLER COASTERS – Designing for Thrills

Some people love them, some fear them, but just about everyone is thrilled by a roller coaster – if it’s designed right.

August 8, 1995

PLASTICS – A New Way to Manufacture…

Scientists are developing a more efficient way to manufacture plastics.

August 7, 1995

WORLD PHONE – Privacy Issues

In the future, everyone may be carrying a personal phone, and screening their calls!

August 4, 1995


The phone of the future promises to keep us in touch with each other anytime – anywhere.

August 3, 1995


“Computerized” x-rays can give dentists a clearer picture of their patients’ teeth.

August 2, 1995

DENTAL IMAGER – Instant X-Rays

A new dental X-ray machine uses technology found in a fax machine to deliver images in an instant.

August 1, 1995

INDIGENOUS MEDICINE – Studying the World’s Pharmacy

Diseases like cancer and AIDS may one day be treated with medicines originally used by indigenous peoples.