August 31, 1993


Some scientists say it’s possible that an asteroid could hit the earth, causing worldwide devastation.

August 30, 1993

BOWERBIRD – Master Mimics

The Bowerbird is one of the most impressive mimics in the animal kingdom.

August 27, 1993


The strange sounds of the male Sage Grouse are matched only by their equally unusual reproductive behavior.

August 26, 1993


What pet is beautiful to look at, a good watchdog, and an eater of insect pests?

August 25, 1993


Becoming familiar with your local environment can help you to live in harmony with it.

August 24, 1993

ID DAY – Authenticity

The vast majority of artifacts brought in to be identified by museum scientists are fakes.

August 23, 1993


Bring in your rocks, bones or artifacts of unknown origin to be identified on ID Day!

August 20, 1993


Every part of our planet can be said to belong to its own environmentally-defined district, called a bioregion.

August 19, 1993

BIOTECHNOLOGY IN JAPAN – Algae and Global Warming

A newly developed photoreactor uses sunlight, algae and fiber optics to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

August 18, 1993

BIOTECHNOLOGY IN JAPAN – Carbon Dioxide and Algae

With help from algae, Japanese scientists are trying to find a way to counter the threat of global warming.

August 17, 1993

WATER SUPPLY – Acid Rain and Lead

Acid rain can have a serious effect on both domestic and municipal water quality.

August 16, 1993

WILDFIRES – Role In Ecosystem

Officials are beginning to use controlled fires to replace the role of wildfires in local ecosystems.

August 13, 1993

WILDFIRES – Prevention

How can you protect your home from wildfires?

August 12, 1993

WILDFIRES – California

The challenge to humans presented by wildfires is most noticeable in California.

August 11, 1993

WATER SUPPLY – Municipal Waste

When it comes to the US water supply, cities may have to reap what they sow.

August 10, 1993


Global and local influences have made one of China’s greatest rivers more prone to disasterous floods.

August 9, 1993

CHINA’S RIVERS – Three Gorges Dam

A plan to move water to China’s dry regions could upset the lives of many local people.

August 6, 1993

WATER SUPPLY – Municipal Challenges

As development around municipal water supplies continues, our cities’ water quality is being threatened.

August 5, 1993


Is your home lead-free?

August 4, 1993

LEAD POISONING – Effects on Children

Children are usually the first and hardest hit by lead poisoning.

August 2, 1993


A water supply is only as pure as the land surrounding it.