May 29, 1992

FORESTRY – Management

With intensive management, plantations of trees can be grown and harvested like any other crop.

May 28, 1992

FORESTRY – Clearcutting

A forester says that clearcutting a forest may replicate certain natural events, and benefit some species of animals.

May 27, 1992

POPULATION GROWTH – The Cycle of Poverty

Poverty and overpopulation form a vicious cycle.

May 26, 1992

POPULATION GROWTH – Carrying Capacity

As the world’s population begins to climb, scientists are beginning to wonder if there’s a limit to the earth’s resources.

May 25, 1992


What is the most overpopulated country in the world? It’s not the one with the most people per square mile.

May 22, 1992


About 95 million people are added to the world’s population every year, and it’s taking less and less time for the planet’s population to double. How long can this continue?

May 21, 1992

NEW ECOLOGY – The Human Factor

Nature thrives on change, but are people going too far?

May 20, 1992

NEW ECOLOGY – Diversity

Wide changes and variations in a landscape make it possible for many different creatures to live side by side.

May 19, 1992

NEW ECOLOGY – Let it Burn?

Is it possible to overprotect a park or wilderness area?

May 18, 1992

NEW ECOLOGY – The Shifting Mosaic

Cataclysmic events like hurricanes or floods are not only normal, but necessary for the development of a natural system.

May 15, 1992

CUNA – People of Panama

An indigenous Panamanian tribe is working on its own management and development scheme.

May 14, 1992


Fishermen in Indonesia believe that just as they keep an eye on their catch, those fish are watching them as well.

May 13, 1992

MANDARESE FISHERMEN – Summoning the Fish

Mandarese fishermen sing to their prey to coax them into their traps.

May 12, 1992


It takes unusual methods to capture a unique kind of fish.

May 11, 1992

ANTS – Consider Their Ways

If all the ants in the world disappeared, the effects on the environment would be devastating.

May 8, 1992

ANTS – Cattle Raisers

People are not alone in domesticating other species.

May 7, 1992

ANTS – Super Organism

Members of an ant colony are like cells in a body – each performing a specialized task that contributes to the functioning of the entire organism.

May 6, 1992

ANTS – A Most Abundant Life Form

Where can you find a billion pounds of ants? All around us.

May 5, 1992

ANTS – Chemical Warfare

Ants live a life of almost constant battle. They fight, raid their enemies’ colonies, and even use chemical weapons.

May 4, 1992

ANTS – Ideal Vs. Reality

The common ant is a complex creature, courteous towards its relatives but ruthless to outsiders.

May 1, 1992


The best way to get rid of pollutants is not to produce any in the first place.