February 28, 1992

WHALES – Toxic Substances

The whales’ place on the food chain make them especially vulnerable to toxins that concentrate in body tissues.

February 27, 1992

WHALES – Driftnets

Although whale hunting has been mostly curtailed, they and millions of fish and birds are still fall prey to driftnets that cover thousands of miles of ocean.

February 26, 1992

WHALES – The Art of Observation

The sedate pace at which whales lead their lives looks like slow motion to some observers.

February 25, 1992

WHALES – The Evolving Song

In an area as large as the North Pacific, all of the humpback whales sing the same, slowly changing song.

February 24, 1992

WHALES – A Class By Itself

Dr. Payne recounts how he discovered that the long, complicated vocalizations of the humpback whales were actually songs.

February 21, 1992

WHALES – Largest Animals on Earth

Whales seem to combine their massive size with a calm and fearless disposition.

February 20, 1992

WHALES – First Encounter

The first sighting of a whale can be awe-inspiring. Over the centuries, humans have hunted and killed whales, but they have also made them the stuff of legends.

February 19, 1992


Do monkeys’ cries of alarm only communicate fear, or do they pass on other information as well?

February 18, 1992


Birds that forage at garbage dumps may find an easy source of food, but what will the long-term effects be?

February 17, 1992

CORAL REEFS – Bleaching

Some scientists fear that coral reefs around the world could be the first victims of global warming.

February 14, 1992


Human activities on land are threatening fragile underwater ecosystems.

February 13, 1992

KAYAPO – Keening

No Kayapo ceremony would be complete without the siren-like collective speech of the women, known as keening.

February 12, 1992

KAYAPO – Living Culture

The Kayapo people turned a traditional corn ceremony into a framework for a confrontation with the government.

February 11, 1992

KAYAPO – A Milestone at Altamira

When the Kayapo of Brazil successfully opposed a government plan to build dams on their lands, they proved that indigenous people can become a powerful voice in their own defense.

February 10, 1992

KAYAPO – Traditions and Temperament

Fierce traditions and sophisticated political organizing made the Kayapo people of the Brazilian Amazon formidable opponents to a government plan to flood their lands.

February 7, 1992


Decades after a government program removed them from their lands, some of Australia’s indigenous peoples have returned to their traditional homes.

February 6, 1992

ABORIGINALS – Relocation

To the Australian bureaucracy, the Pintobee peoples’ desert home was a lifeless stretch of land useful only for weapons testing.

February 5, 1992

ABORIGINALS – Dreaming The Land

The spirits of the Pintobee people are rooted in the dreams and myths of the past, when their lands were created.

February 4, 1992

WIND ENERGY -Infinite Energy

Wind farms in California save the energy equivalent of millions of gallons of oil a year.

February 3, 1992


From windmills to wind turbines, this clean and renewable source of energy has been around for thousands of years. It may now be more popular than ever.