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Now you can download either MP2 or MP3 monthly programs, plus the cue sheet, as one simple zip file AND access any of the previous 14 years of programming anytime--right from our application on your desktop--you’ll only need to complete this form once. The application works on both PCs and Macs.

Before downloading the App, it would be a good idea to allow pop-ups in your browser window, and download and install the latest version of Adobe Air, which can be found at http://get.adobe.com/air/

1. Fill out this form below. Once the form is completed, select "Submit" and you’ll be taken to the download page automatically.
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3. After completing the installation the application icon “PulsePlanetApp” will automatically appear in your Programs(Windows) or Applications(Mac) directory.

It looks like this: PulsePlanetApp icon Open the app!
** Each month or whenever you need a Pulse program go directly to your “PulsePlanetApp” application to get everything you need for Pulse of the Planet. No need to fill out this form ever again! (unless you need to update your information)

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All stations interested in broadcasting Pulse of the Planet should contact us at:
Phone: 914-220-2289, Email: info@pulseplanet.com